Micropropagation of musa gracilis by using male inflorescence as explants

Farah Hafizah Zulkifli, (2013) Micropropagation of musa gracilis by using male inflorescence as explants. Undergraduate project report, Faculty of Agro - Based Industry. (Submitted)


Male inflorescences have potential to be used as explants for rapid micropropagation of Musa sp. Explants which were grown using male inflorescence of Musa gracilis, were taken from Lojing Highland, Kelantan. Cultures were initiated by culturing small excised flower buds on modified MS media supplemented with different combinations of auxins (NAA) and cytokinins (BAP and Kinetin). Opened greenish bracts exposing immature male inflorescence can be observed after 4-6 days after culture initiation. Whitish structure and cauliflower body-likes (CLBs) appeared after 3months of culturing but unfortunately there were no callus structure observed after 5months of culturing due to blackening of phenolic compounds and high contamination rate.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Agro - Based Industry
Call Number: SBS13005
Supervisor: Dr. Fatimah Kayat
Programme: Agro Technology Entrepreneurship
Deposited By: En. Wahyudi Yusra Zulfin
Date Deposited: 28 Apr 2015 12:33
Last Modified: 16 Feb 2017 01:21
URI: http://umkeprints.umk.edu.my/id/eprint/3415

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