Gross and histopathological evaluation of runting stunting syndrome in a broiler farm

Aung Tun Khaing, and Nwe New Htin, and Abdulnasir Tijjani, and Yusuf Abba, and Faez Firdaus Abdullah Jesse, and Erkihun Aklilu, and Teng Jinghui, and Konto Mohammed, and Lawan Adamu, and Mohammad Abubakar Sadiq, (2014) Gross and histopathological evaluation of runting stunting syndrome in a broiler farm. International Journal of Livestock Research, 4 (7). pp. 61-66. ISSN 2277-1964

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A poultry farmer reported a case of abnormal growth among 17 to 25 days old broilers chicks in his farm to the poultry Unit, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Malaysia Kelantan. The housing system was a modified closed type with a total of 130,000; 10,000 birds per house. The clinical signs observed were damp feathers which are poorly developed, stunted growth, watery droppings containing undigested feeds and unequal sizes of chicks. Post mortem examination was conducted on thirty culled chicks and the gross lesions observed were; corrugated intestines (83.3%) with some being thin and translucent with poorly digested feed within the lumen, atrophied pancreas (70.0%) and liver (66.7%), slightly atrophied thymus (33.3%), dilated proventriculus (50.3%) and enlarged gall bladder (43.3%). Histopathological evaluation of the intestine and pancreas showed lesions such a cystic dilation and degeneration of intestinal crypts, degeneration of the pancreas with vacuolation in the paranchyma and atrophy of the acinar cells. Based on the clinical signs observed, post mortem lesions and the histopathological findings, the case was diagnosed as Runting Stunting Syndrome (RSS). There is no treatment for this syndrome and it can only be prevented through good management practices.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Runting Stunting Syndrome - Broilers - Histopathology
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