Ancestral elements in malay indigenous heritage as genius loci

Ab. Aziz Shuaib, (2014) Ancestral elements in malay indigenous heritage as genius loci. In: The 2nd International Maori - Melayu Polynesia Conference & Trade Show, 28 - 29 March 2014, The Bay of Island, New Zealand.


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Malay intangible heritage went through numerous stages in its evolution and shaped by an amalgamation of various influences; one of which was the Malay-Polynesian belief system with a strong animistic base. The later emergence of Islam introduced new customs and practices where old manteras or incantations are sprinkled with Islamic names and supplications to Islamize, so as to legitimize the rituals attached to some performance. However, the still-existing old belief systems are evidence that Malay arts and culture are rooted in its pre-Islamic past. These ancestral elements are seen as genius loci which can be used in shaping sustainable Malay cultural identity; and also becomes the driven forces for tourism, leisure and commerce. Thus, this paper seeks to highlight and illuminate on the Malay indigenous heritage. With special reference to Kelantan, the paper elaborates on the intrinsic values in Kelantan intangible heritages and also identifies the ancestral elements which need to be sustained as genius loci.

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Keywords: Kelantan Indigenous Arts - Intangible Heritage - Malay Belief Systems - Performing Arts.
Faculty: Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage
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Date Deposited: 10 Jun 2014 08:07
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