Diversification strategy and performance studies: results, measures, and sampling design

Ebrahim Asrarhaghighi , and Azmawani Abd Rahman, and Murali Sambasivan, and Zainal Abidin Mohamed, (2013) Diversification strategy and performance studies: results, measures, and sampling design. Journal of Advanced Management Science, 1 (1). pp. 12-18. ISSN 2168 - 0787

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Product and international diversified firms play a significant role in the world economy. The number of these firms has increased during time and consequently, assessing the relationship between diversification (product and international) and performance has attracted a lot of attention. However, the results of the studies are inconclusive. This might be due to the differences in measures of diversification and performance, measurement problems, and sampling issues. The aim of this paper is to review the results of the diversification and performance studies and specifically, measurement of diversification, performance and sampling design. Through this review some avenues to improve measurement and sampling in diversification and performance studies are suggested.

Item Type: Non-Indexed Article
Subject Heading: Diversification in industry
Keywords: Inconclusive results - International diversification - Performance - Product diversification.
Deposited By: En. Pahmi Abdullah
Date Deposited: 09 Nov 2013 08:23
Last Modified: 09 Apr 2015 02:28
URI: http://umkeprints.umk.edu.my/id/eprint/2339

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