The investigation of pesticide residue in agricultural soil

Ong, Kian Soon (2011) The investigation of pesticide residue in agricultural soil. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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In general, pesticides are synthetic organic chemicals used to control weeds in fields, agricultural farms and lawns, and unwanted or harmful pests on crops. Nowadays, the pesticide application turned essential in purpose to maintain and increase the crops' yield by minimizes the adverse effects from the pests. But, through the statistical report found that, the concentration of pesticide in agricultural commodities was exceeding the safety level and which potentially harm to the human health. Basically, there are several reasons could caused the crops indirectly uptake of pesticide, and the major sources could be contributed by planting medium such as soil, and the overdose of pesticide. The research purposely concerned on both of these factors, and the main objective is to determine the pesticide compositions, concentrations, types and its effects through a known pesticide that applied on agriculture land, and discussed on several reasons which possibly caused pesticide transfer into the crops. The research had been done at paddy field which located at Pasir Mas Kelantan. The soil samples were randomly collected from 5 plots throughout the field, and determine the concentration of pesticide in different depths of soil layers. A known pesticide that applied on research area was first recognized and, brand is "SPARK" which is the pesticide contained of glyphosate. Specifically, the methodologies that used in the research were suited to the type of composition found, and all of the information was mainly discussed on that known composition. The analytical method been used in the research is High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (H PLC), which is the simple and available way to determine the accurate concentration of pesticide residue compound/s on soil surface in shorter time. The study result showed that, there is extremely low concentration of glyphosate as low as 1.47 x10-6 g/liter was found in soil sample, related to it, there is not any noticeable adverse effect was found at paddy field.

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