Bioremediation of oily wastewater

Nur Fa'iqa Zamri, (2011) Bioremediation of oily wastewater. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Three unknown bacteria strain were cultivated in Mineral Salt Medium with 1 % diesel as sole carbon and energy source. To study the capability of bacteria to degrade oil three unknown strain were isolated from culture collection in laboratory. The three strains of bacteria, TA, TB, KB was analyzed by using the degradability test by using two parameters of 2, 6-dichlorophenol indophenols (2, 6 - DCPIP) Indicator (qualitatively analysis) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (quantitatively analysis). The 2, 6- dichlorophenol indophenol is widely used in colorimetric processes. Its property is the color change from blue to transparent when subjected to chemical reduction. The indicator, when oxidized is blue and when reduced is transparent. The color change occurs due to a structural change in the molecule, in which the double bond between nitrogen and carbon passes to a simple bond. This insaturation changes the entire molecule, resulting in a macroscopic change in the overall color of the biodegraded substance. The DCPIP indicator is applied in a series of electron transfer reactions, including biodegradable substances. Results showed that bacteria strain capable of degrading hydrocarbons belong to the mixed culture of strain TB and KB. The results suggest that the application of bacterial containing combinations of two isolated strains enhanced the degradation of hydrocarbon and also lead to a successful utilization of complex organic industrial waste. The bacterial mixture of demonstrated the highest growth compared to the single isolates. Therefore, it can be concluded that bioremediation using microbes is capable of being used as part of wastewater management.

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