Preparation of animal feed mash for small ruminants using restaurant wastes

Ganesan, Nallan @ Periathambi (2011) Preparation of animal feed mash for small ruminants using restaurant wastes. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The preparation of animal feed for small ruminants using restaurant wastes is a new attempt in feeding. In this study, the effect of drying method, percentage of molasses and different type of restaurants on dry matter (DM) and crude protein (CP) tested. The drying methods used are oven drying and sun drying. The percentages of molasses used are 5 and 10. There are 3 restaurants used as source of wastes and all there tested separately. In addition, a mixture of all restaurants also tested. The dry matter and crude protein calculated in percentage. The Kjeldahl method used for calculate crude protein. For statistical analysis, one way ANOVA is used. After the study conducted, it was found that oven drying is best method for drying. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed that DM% differed highly significantly (p<0.01) between drying method. At the same time, molasses percentage and restaurants had no effect on DM% (p>0.05). ANOVA showed that CP% differed highly significantly (P<0.01) between restaurants. The Restaurant Marimah showed mean CP% 14.25, the highest of four restaurants. This showed Restaurant Marimah producing high quality wastes which has potential commercialization value. Meanwhile, the molasses percentage and drying method had no effect on CP% (p>0.05). This study can be furthered by making pellets using the feed mash prepared.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Agro - Based Industry
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Date Deposited: 18 Nov 2013 04:46
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