The encapasulation of banana psedo-stem biochar by using Na- alginate in removing methylene blue dye

Shamsuddin, Nurul Atiqah (2019) The encapasulation of banana psedo-stem biochar by using Na- alginate in removing methylene blue dye. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The purpose of this study is to study the potential of Banana Pseudo-stem Biochar and the Encapsulation of biochar by using Na-Alginate in removing the Methylene Blue dye with the concentration of 10 mg/L. The raw material that was used in this study is collected from agricultural waste from the banana farm in kg. Gemang, Jeli area. The banana pseudo-stem is one of the agricultural waste that often seen as n value in market after the harvesting season of banana tree. This banana tree commonly thrown away by the farmer into the environment causing other environmental pollutions. In this study the banana pseudo-stem is undergoing the pyrolysis process to produce banana pseudo-stem biochar compound. In this study, Na-Alginate is used to encapsulate the biochar into biochar alginate beads. In this study there are six parameters are used to study the efficiency if biochar alginate beads in removing 10 mg/L methylene blue dye. The effect of pyrolytics temperature on biochar powder and biochar alginate beads, particle size of biochar, biochar dosage adsorbent, orbital shaker speed and effect of dropper diameter is the parameter that are study to study the efficiency of biochar aginate beads in removing the MB dye. Based on this study the encapsulations of biochar alginate beads increase the percentage removal efficiency with 95.35% comparing with biochar powder with 81.74% with temperature of 350ºC. The percentage removal record the highest removal when the biochar alginate beads encapsulate with 125µm size of biochar particle and the dosage adsorbent used are 1.5 g with the percentage removal of 98.27%. The speed of orbital shaker can affect the percentage removal as the 250 rpm show slightly increased with 98.49% compare with 150 rpm with 98.08%. the diameter of dropper used in preparation of biochar alginate beads also can influenced the percentage removal of MB as there increased in percentage removal when the biochar alginate beads with dropper diameter 0.5 cm compare to diameter of 0.2 cm. SEM analysis is used to observed the biochar surface morphologi and porosity of biochar substance dan can be help in adsorption ability of banana pseudo-stem biochar.

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