Study on effect Of plasticizer (Urea) on the properties of Glutaraldehyde modified starch

Nizamuddin Shah, Umi Nurulain (2018) Study on effect Of plasticizer (Urea) on the properties of Glutaraldehyde modified starch. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The modified starch has been studied in this report. Starch is an organic material that can be modified into a thermoplastic. The problem occurs in this research is in the industrial, the production of packaging is it majorly made from a petroleum-based chemicals. The starch are being modified to form a thermoplastic starch and main ingredient of the manufacturing of this thermoplastic is by using the corn starch and the urea compounds as a plasticizer to study the effect of plasticizer (urea) on the properties of its thermoplastics. Different percentages of Urea plasticizer is 20%, 35% and 50% concentration were determined. The thermoplastics are being characterized by performing the FT-IR and TGA process. The test to determine the performance of the thermoplastics starch are with bending and tensile test, soil biodegradable, water absorption and moisture content test to claims whether it is save in utilization to the environment also whether it usable to be replaced with petroleum-derived chemicals. In the result shown that the thermoplastics with 50% of Urea concentration have great performance in all the tested applied. In this research can be finding that the higher the concentration of the Urea plasticizer content, the greater the performance of the samples. So the main purpose of this study to focuses on to manage the disposal of plastic in environmentally safe is achieved through this study.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
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