The effect of garlic oil on the wood of Havea Brasiliensis as antifungal agent for White Rot Fungi

Omar, Syazrol (2018) The effect of garlic oil on the wood of Havea Brasiliensis as antifungal agent for White Rot Fungi. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Antifungal from the garlic oil acted as an agent to inhibit fungi attack on the wood. The objective of this study to identify either garlic oil is antifungal agent or not, and also the effectiveness to inhibit against white rot fungi, which is Trarnetes versicolor, FT-IR analysis showed the C-H (aliphatic) group at range of spectrum 2921.80 and 2852.59 cm-1 in garlic oil. The colour of the oil was light yellowish, have the pungent smell and the percentage yield calculated was 1.15%. Antifungal assay was run as the main test to study the growth inhibition zone of fungi and weight loss of the wood with the uses of PDA with the culture of T. versicolor for two weeks. Two wood samples of rubber wood, H. brasiliensis were used in the testing which are one of it immersed in the garlic oil as coating and another one let without coating. The result was observed and the plate sample wood without oil show that the fungi was covered overall space in the plate and another plate there are empty space that fungi not growth. The percentage weight loss of the wood without oil coating was 24% and percentage weight loss of the wood with oil coating was 9%. This indicates that the oil can inhibit the fungi growth and decelerate the degradation of lignin at the wood by white rot fungi. Therefore, this study can validate the garlic oils as one of antifungal agent and effective to inhibit growth of white rot fungi for manufacturing in finishing and painting products.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
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