Chemical characterization Of Bamboo Leaves (G. Albociliata And D. Surculosa) by Sodium Hydroxide treatment

Che Agoh @ Shukeri, Muhammad Afiq (2018) Chemical characterization Of Bamboo Leaves (G. Albociliata And D. Surculosa) by Sodium Hydroxide treatment. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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D. surculosa and G. albociliata leaves are obviously different in morphology and appearance. In order to further investigate the characteristics of these species, a treatment had been chemically conducted using sodium hydroxide , NaOH with 8 hours soaking time. The treatment are supposed to enhance the analysis of the leaves characterization in particular. The treated and untreated bamboo leaves are analysed using FTIR analyser, in order to identify the presence of functional groups in the leaves. Upon analysis, it that these two species are not only differs physically, but also chemically. The presence of OH, CH and alkynes functional groups in the leaves sample indicates that the species shares similar properties but have a slight difference in the molecular bonds in microscopic level. From the morphological observation of D. surculosa and G. albociliata leaves, they are slightly different on terms of leaf appearance and characteristics G. albociliata have a thicker leaves compared to D. surculosa and the treatment with NaOH shows that D. surculosa leaves are harder to dissolve into the solvent. SEM analysis of these two species shows the initial structure of fibres in the leaves are intact but after NaOH treatment, the fibres are ruptured and appear in a non-uniform shapes.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology
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