The Study of Atmospheric Water Harvester: Meteorological Effect on Water Collection

Nurul Atiqah Zol, (2018) The Study of Atmospheric Water Harvester: Meteorological Effect on Water Collection. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Atmospheric water harvesting is an adaptation of natural processes of water cycles that act as an alternative way to supply sufficient water for people in tropical regions since the issue of water scarcity has become one of major global concern. Objectives of this research are, to develop a prototype for a new design of atmospheric water harvester model and to investigate the influence of meteorological effect on the volume of water collection. The cylindrical shape of atmospheric water harvester model was developed, which located at University Malaysia Kelantan Campus Jeli. The materials used for the mesh, fins, core, and the frame structure are stainless steel which was light and strong to withstand the elements. The experiment was carried out in February and March 2017. Primary data collection on volume of water was collected from daily monitoring between 7.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. Secondary data collection was obtained from meteorological data, which contains the data of relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, dry bulb temperature, and rainfall. Descriptive analysis was used to relate the volume of water collection with the meteorological data. lt has shown the suitability of cylindrical shape of atmospheric water harvester model to be used in harvesting atmospheric water. This type of model has been proven that it could harvest high volume of water. The meteorological factors also have implemented an important role in maximizing the volume of water collection, since it has a big influence towards the collection of atmospheric water.

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