Study on the Potential of Azolla pinnata Powder as a Larvicidal of Aedes aegypti

Nur Amanina Zulkifli, (2018) Study on the Potential of Azolla pinnata Powder as a Larvicidal of Aedes aegypti. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are a known Dengue vector that could give severe health problem towards human. There is still no vaccine can reduce Dengue infections at this moment other than controlling Aedes aegypti vector populations by utilizing of synthetic agents and insecticides. However, the continuous use of synthetic insecticides could result Aedes mosquitoes’ resistance and give unfavourable consequences to the environment, human health and non-target organisms. Plant derived larvicidal compounds are gradually being investigated as other possible options in vector control methods. The aquatic fem, Azolla pinnata were thus investigated in this study for finding its potential as Aedes aegypti larvicidal. Azolla plant was dried and prepared in powder form in different weighed and set in a plastic container containing 500 mL distilled water. Aedes aegypti larvae in late third and early fourth stage were being used in all tests. Based on the experiment, in the control groups there were no mortality of larvae observed after 24 and 48 hours exposure. Meanwhile, the lowest mortality of larvae recorded at l g in 48 hours exposure. For 4 g at 7 hours exposure, there showed a higher mortality of larvae rather than the other weight. Their LC5@ values results were 2.466 g/mL for 24 hours exposure, and 2.409 g/mL for 48 hours exposure. Meanwhile, LCQQ were 3.595 g/mL for 24 hours exposure and 3.605 g/mL for 48 hours exposure at 95 % confidence interval. Further investigation need to be done to identify bioactive compound in Azolla pinnata so that it can be an alternative of natural larvicidal in the future.

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