The study of dragonfly and damselfly diversity (Order: Odonata) at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Jeli Campus

Siti Nurulaini Mohd Fazli, (2018) The study of dragonfly and damselfly diversity (Order: Odonata) at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Jeli Campus. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Dragonflies and damselflies (lnsecta: Odonata) are among the rich species estimated insect order (around 6000 described species). The order comprised two main suborders Anisoptera (dragonflies) and Zygoptera (damselflies). The study of dragonfly and damselfy diversity (order: Odonata) at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Jeli Campus (UMKKJ) has been conducted to identify the species richness and determine the abundance of Odonates at UMKKJ. Three sampling sites that were selected are Site A (Duck Pond), Site B (Mosque Pond) and Site C (Agropark Fish Pond). Dragonfly and damselfly sampling were conducted from July to August 2017. A rich collection 566 individuals belonging to 29 species from 3 families of Odonata were successfully identified at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Jeli Campus from 21 days sampling. Moreover, Anisopterans (532 individuals) were found to be more abundant than Zygopterans (34 individuals) while Libellulidae (suborder Anisoptera) made up the most dominant family collected with 94% of total recorded. Brachylhemis contaminate and T rithemis auroras were found to be the most abundant species recorded in this study. Most individuals were collected at Mosque Pond (253) followed by Agropark Fish Pond (180) and Duck Pond (133). The total overall value for Shannon Diversity Index was 2.599 which is considered highly diverse and thus indicates UMKKJ as a diverse communities for dragonfly and damselfly diversity while Pielou’s Evenness Index (J‘) obtained the value 0.77 which has moderately high evenness in species distribution. Therefore, it has proving that UMKKJ has well distribution of dragonfly and damselfly species diversity. ln the others hand, the research that been conducted can used as the reference for the future research.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
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